Farewell, Queen Elizabeth

There is a heaviness in my heart and sadness I am feeling about the loss of Queen Elizabeth that is almost startling.

It feels inconceivable that she is truly gone. Perhaps it’s the abruptness.

Just days ago she was receiving the latest in a long line of prime ministers. Her smile and countenance were as sweet and warm as ever. There was no hint of this being her final days.

In a chaotic world, she was continuity.  In fact, her continuity was unparalleled. Even across the pond, I feel off-kilter.

Like many, I learned the news from an alert on my iPhone while I lay in a darkened examining room getting a sonogram. I shared the news with the young technician. Two American women from different generations found ourselves equally bereft and shared our feelings.

May the Queen Rest in Peace with her beloved Phillip.



  1. Pierre Lagacé

    I had the same feeling.


  2. I am old enough – barely – to remember photos of her coronation in newspapers and magazines my parents subscribed to. I was pre-literate at the time but was aware this person was special to ride in a golden coach pulled by horses! It seems surreal that she turned out to be mortal. Odd. I held out for her living to be more than the 101 – was it? – her mother lived to be. These circumstances seem not to be controlled by wish.


    • Yes, because the Queen Mother loved to a ripe old age, it was assumed Elizabeth would likely follow in her footsteps. That is if you believed she was mortal and truly going to die. She seemed as if she might transcend being a mere mortal somehow.


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