American Dream Unveiled

Obamas Official portraits and Kim Kardashian

The American Dream is dead. No if, and, or butts about it.

If American democracy is slowly dying, the American Dream has officially jumped the shark.

And its demise was as clear as black and white yesterday.

The American Dream the once upon a time noble ideal and its current twisted incarnation were on full display on social media yesterday.

Competing for our limited attention span, images of the gracious Obamas revisiting the White House to unveil their official portrait were juxtaposed along with the all too familiar unveiling of  Kim Kardashian’s generous butt on the September cover of Interview Magazine’s American Dream issue.

President Barack Obama is the living embodiment of the American Dream that anyone can succeed in America despite their color or background.

That was the old American dream.

In our current Warholian world of reality, TV  Interview Magazine set out to paint the Kardashian success as the newest iteration of the American Dream. Posing in a cropped denim jacket and wide-leg jeans worn over a jockstrap, her bleached is it true blondes have more fun hair was in a Farrah Fawcett-like cut. Displaying her most famous and marketable asset is now the personification that celebrity is the new American Dream.

If Obama represented the former American Dream, is Kim Kardashian the dark reality of the New American Dream? A woman without any discernable talents other than a bodacious body and the ability to monetize her talentless celebrity.

If Kim is the new American Dream, the dream that talent isn’t necessary to succeed we’ve been there before.

After all, we are a culture that could reward and elect a failed businessman, a second-rate reality show star, and a first-rate grifter as president,

The American Dream that anyone can grow up to become president is now true. But as we found out, it can also be a nightmare.





  1. Ugh!

    The Obamas, on the other hand, were a breath of fresh air in their remarks at the unveiling of their official White House portraits. It was great seeing them again.

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  2. You don't need this

    And who killed the American dream? Democrats, with their far left socialist policies, never ending regulations, job-killing taxes, unremitting inflation, unrestrained third world immigration, eat-the-rich mentality, and complete inability to ever learn from their own or anyone else’s mistakes.


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