All God’s Children

Childhood drawing of God by Sally Edelstein 1962

In another lesson from my childhood department.

Despite living in a so-called “Christian nation” with the far right claiming God for themselves, even in 1962 as a 7-year-old  I knew God belonged to everyone. He wasn’t a Jewish God, a Christian God, or a Muslim God.

He was just God as his gold-plated necklace -which by the way predates Carrie Bradshaws by decades- clearly states.

Marjorie Taylor Green may tout that we should embrace  Christian Nationalism and that is the only thing that can stop school shootings, crime, and sexual immorality.

But in the rise of antisemitism, it would be good to remember that We not just Ye are all God’s loved children.

Even I knew this in second grade.


One comment

  1. Elinor Berner

    The God you drew in second grade looks like a welcoming God. Delightful.


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