Adidas Loses the Ethics Race

collage Kanye westa and the 405 Freeway demonstrators anti semitic

Adidas did not win any ethics race crossing the finish line by finally severing its ties with Kanye West.

For a sports company like Adidas whose brand is associated with speed, they were woefully slow in dropping their association with the foul-mouth narcissist after his offensive anti-semitic rant tweeting he wanted to go “death con 3” on Jewish people.

With the same arrogance as Donald Trump boasting of shooting people on Fifth Avenue and not losing supporters, Kanye boasted “ I can say anti-Semitic things and Adida’s can’t drop me !”

But the bottom line was the bottom line.

Under pressure with the hashtag #boycotAdidas trending, it clearly hurt their business which likely is the only reason this German company founded by Nazis dropped their partnership with Ye.

If only anti-Semitism could tank as swiftly as Adidas stock did.

But we have not heard the last from Kanye West.

He can rename himself Yeezus, Yeezy, or Ye. For me, Anti Semite will always be the name that sticks.

I am certain this will not be his last anti-semitic comment

Nor will his be the last to voice an anti-semitic remark. It is 2022 and Nazis are demonstrating publicly without consequences.

This is my 20th piece on this site in the past few years on the rise of antisemitism.

Sadly, it will not be my last.

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  1. Sad that in 2022 you still have to write about this issue. Sad, too, that the mouth voicing that crap is attached to someone who’s skin color makes him a potential victim of this same sort of hurtful bias and its consequences.


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