Vintage Advice on Voting

Vintage comic book voting

Despite the fact that cartoonish, comic book-worthy candidates are running for public office in the midterms there is nothing comical about the consequences of this year’s elections.

Voting is the bedrock of our system and mid-century comic books regularly reached out to their young audiences in public service announcements to instill the importance of that fundamental right.

Vintage comics voting

“Binkys Special Election Exhibit”  In Strange Adventures # 74 ( DC Comics 1956)

In this 1956 public service announcement that ran in DC comics, the focus is on ways that teenagers can get involved to help voters, pointing out that 37% of all eligible voters failed to do so.

Sadly that percentage has only grown through the years.

“The Man Who Stole Your Vote” Rick Hackney (Author) National Research Bureau, 1952

This U.S. Government informational comic encourages everyone to vote, making the point that when you do not vote, you leave decisions about your future and the future of this country to others who did.

Don’t be complacent.

A healthy democracy requires active participation.

Today our democracy is on life support.  Don’t let the Republicans pull the plug on it.

Vote Blue!


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