Election 2022 Countdown to Vote

vintage comic Voting Importance

Three days and counting. Be a decider.

Don’t Let other people decide your future.

Are you voting on November 8?

Get Out and Vote!



  1. I always vote by mail. The wait till the count’s done seems like forever, anticlimax.


    • I’ve never voted by mail, other than during COVID. Although the days of voting booths are long gone, I still enjoy the feeling of going to a voting place and casting a vote. The ritual feels important to me. But however one votes, it’s important to do so.


      • I’m disabled, so the convenience of not standing in line to vote, something I did till illnesses left me disabled, makes voting by mail appreciated. I’ve never missed voting in all elections since I became eligible to vote, including those for one issue, things few vote in.

        As you can imagine, I get furious with people too busy to be good citizens and vote or those who say, “Well, my spouse’s vote cancels mine out so why bother.”


  2. I missed voting once in my lifetime Sally. Since my brothers and I turned 18 it was a family affair to go to the polling station. Almost everyone in my family fought in WW II. Our families sacrificed their lives and much more for us to vote. It’s our duty to support our democracies, sometimes right and sometimes wrong, to keep freedom and liberty alive.

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