Congressman Elect George Santos – Jew-ish or Fool-ish

Is it time for the GOP to replace the elephant as their mascot with Pinocchio?

Is George Santos Jew-ish , or just plain Fool-ish?

Actually, he’s very Republican-ish

In fact, the con man is on brand.

Lying seems to be the norm for Republicans. A pre-requisite for party membership.

I haven’t seen so much lying since watching  Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio on Netflix.

Or reading the rambling “truth” on Donald Trump’s Truth Social account.

Post Truth Era

Two years after Trump left office with his infamous 30,573 lies in the rearview mirror, we are still living in the post-truth era.

Trump lies incessantly and his aberrant behavior still compels fellow Republicans to lie about him. But the problem lies deeper than one man.

Today’s Republican party thrives on lies.

According to polls, one-quarter of Republicans are drawn to the bizarre fantasies and fabrications of QAnon and many still believe the big lie that Trump didn’t lose in 2020. They lie about the lie.

Roaming the halls of congress are some of the biggest truth slayers. Republicans who are drawn to disproven conspiracy theories, and spout disinformation with abandon.

Enter Congressional hopeful George Santos, the poster boy candidate for the post-truth era.

Santo’s Congressional district starts mere miles from my home. There but by the grace of God, this liar could have been my Congressman. Encompassing many of the toniest towns on Long Island it is the wealthiest congressional district in New York though it also includes some blue-collar areas- the perfect Republican constituency. Today’s Republican party is the perfect mash-up of blue-collar voters driven by cultural resentment with affluent donors fixed on the bottom line.

Santos is No Mensch

George Santos and Jude yellow star

So you wanna be a star?

The Congressman-elect with chutzpah to spare finally fessed up about fabricating claims on the campaign trail concerning his education, work experience, and family heritage. That is, once he was exposed. But like Trump, there appears to be no accountability.

Along with lying about his college education ( he has none) this wanna-be shtarker lied about his alleged employment with high-profile Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

But that was not enough for this shmegegge.

No Santos had the chutzpah to lie about family history saying on his website his mother was Jewish and his grandparents escaped the Nazis.

Well, this self-proclaimed “Proud Jew” is not Jewish.

A shegetz, he was raised Catholic.

Nor were his grandparents fleeing the Nazis.  Outrageously Santos said his maternal grandparents were Ukrainian Jews who fled Nazi persecution during the Holocaust. While his maternal grandmother was born Jewish converting to Catholicism,  both of Santos’s grandparents were born in Brazil years before the Nazi rise to power in Germany.

Ironically this Proud Jew beat democrat Robert Zimmerman who actually is Jewish.

You don’t have to be Jewish to know that this shmuck Santos is no mensh. He is a meshuggeneh who will likely be sworn in as a Congressman.

Oy vey!

To be truthful, I’m scaird-ish!


Though Jew-ish George Santos might not need an interpretation, here is a guide to Yiddish words used.

Shtarker – a big shot; someone full of false bravado; someone boastful

Shmegegge– a sycophant, an unadmirable pweson; a maladroit, untalented person

Shegets – gentile non-Jewish male. The male version of Shiksa

Meshuggener – a crazy man

Mensch- someone of admirable character, upright, honorable, trustworthy

Copyright (©) 2022 Sally Edelstein All Rights Reserved



  1. Pierre Lagacé

    Off topic

    Will you be posting something on Cassidy Jacqueline Hutchinson? She deserves to be recognized on your blog. History will be remembering her for her courage.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Santos…I give up! What more can you say about an electorate that puts such slime in a Congress already full of Boeberts, Grahams, and other sleazy characters? It will be interesting to see how he is received un the House, what positions he is given. When will this nightmare end?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nassau County is apparently conducting its own investigation into fraudulent campaign finances. So who knows. But this is certainly going to be a rocky Congress.


      • I look forward to the day we just have normality to deal with, ladies and gentlemen in both houses of Congress politely disagreeing on how to achieve common needs of the people and working out happy compromises! Yeah, I know it wasn’t all that sweet and nice in past, but it was a lot closer to that than it is now. I keep asking my Congressman to try to work with the other party members, but he was one of those who voted against accepting the Biden win.


  3. The American people voted for this monster back in 2016. And I don’t think we the people can put it back in the bottle. We will be held hostage by this post-truth era monster.


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