International Holocaust Remembrance Day- Never Forget

To those deniers of the Holocaust:

There is no denying that these members of my husband Hershel’s family lives were taken too early.

My husband’s family in Poland before the Holocaust

There is no denying that none of them would ever enjoy growing old to delight in the joy of a grandchild.

My huband Hershel in a displacement Perons Camp 1946 Germany

My husband Hershel in a displacement Persons Camp 1946 Germany

There is no denying this little boy would be born homeless, live in a displaced persons camp,  never knowing the love of a grandparent. An uncle. An aunt.

Vintage Holocaust images

My husband’s mother’s sister and her baby only months before both were killed by the Nazis. Poland

There is no denying this little baby heinously ripped from its mother’s arms and thrown in front of a moving train was the action of pure hate.

There is no denying there existed something so evil in this world there was hate so vile it created an unimaginable evil.

But we must never forget.

There is no denying the Holocaust.


Today we remember, as I do every single day.



  1. First they tried to erase a people. Now the deniers try to erase the attempted act of erasure. Evil and lack of moral conscience knows no bounds. It can only be countered and contained by remembrance and the constant telling and retelling of truth. It is incumbent upon every human being, not to let the world forget that hatred breeds evil consequences. Never Again!

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  2. Thank you for an excellent post, which I will reblog.

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  3. Reblogged this on charles french words reading and writing and commented:
    Please read this extremely important post.

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  4. Mike Kingsley

    Lots of holocost videos on You Tube, what they went thru is beyond horrible!!

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  5. Thank you for such an important and remarkable post. To me it echoes Simon Wiesenthal’s wise words “For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing.” Sadly, it is just as true now as it ever was.

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