Raquel Welch Rocked Our World

Rachel Welch in One Million Years BC, the poster that fueled a million fantasies.

When the poster of a sizzling Raquel Welch in a pre-historic doe-skin outfit came out, what teenage boy in 1966 didn’t want to travel back to the age of the Flintstones? Is there any doubt that Fred and Barney lusted after that poster too?

This 26-year-old bombshell detonated into our consciousness at just the right pop culture moment catapulting her to international fame as a sex symbol.

A full decade before Farrah Fawcett preening in her iconic red bathing suit graced the bedroom walls of nearly every pre and post-pubescent boy, Raquel was the jaw-dropping fantasy woman fueling a million fantasies. Arguably the first post-Marilyn sex symbol, the auburn-haired temptress, rocked our mid-century minds just a few years after the blonde icons’ tragic death.

Like only a California girl can, Raquel knew how to rock a bikini even on a million years old one.

Cast as Loana the Fair One in the cult classic One Million Years BC, the vision of her clad in that doeskin outfit frolicking in a volcanic world of dinosaurs and cavemen far outlasted any memories of this rather unmemorable film. She did up the Stone Age in ways the Flintstones never did, tapping into the primal nature of sexuality for a generation of boys and men.

Raquel Welch personified primal lust, and over the next 5 decades that never dimmed.




  1. Sally, Fred, Barney, Mr. Rubble and any male on the Flintstones would have stared at the movie photo. She probably stirred a few female fantasies, too. I did not know she later won a Golden Globe for her role in “The Three Musketeers.” Keith


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