A National Day of Hate or A National Day Of Vigilance

Social media loves to remind us of special National Days we never even knew existed before, providing an opportunity to post warm and fuzzy pictures.

There are designated days to honor your dog, your love of donuts, or remember your first-grade teacher.  For those who observe, today is National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day, a day to recognize the delicious and crunchy snacks drizzled with chocolate.

But today has a brand-new designation, one more ominous but equally filled with nuts.

February 25th is now a National “Day of Hate,” called for by a small neo nazi group targeting Jews.

Once again as a Jew, I am told to be vigilant.

Be on alert.

On Shabbat, our Sabbath.

In New York City and Chicago, synagogues are stepping up security on our day of worship. Police departments and Jewish organizations across the country are bracing for antisemitic confrontations.

Last month a small antisemitic group based in eastern Iowa designated February 25th  as a “day of hate” and other white supremacist and hate groups have since said they plan to participate.

Extremist groups have been promoting the day of action on social media through Telegram and identified the National Socialist Movement as one of the organizers  ( the largest neo nazi group in the U.S.)

This was the same group that was behind the recent neo-nazi demonstration at the opening of a Broadway show in New York. Neo-Nazi protestors stood outside the Broadway musical revival “Parade” chanting and passing out fake information on pamphlets about the play’s protagonist. “Parade” is loosely based on the story of Leo Frank, a Jewish factory worker falsely accused of killing a 13-year-old boy and lynched by an angry mob in 1913.

The neo nazi group relied on centuries-old antisemitic tropes about Frank including that he was a pedophile spreading misinformation and hate.

Day of Hate

According to a leaked internal memo by the NYPD  Intelligence and Counterterrorism Bureau, the online organizers of today’s antisemitic event have instructed like-minded individuals to drop banners, place stickers and flyers and vandalize with graffiti as forms of biased so-called activism.

Images of Kristallnacht, that prolonged series of violent attacks on Jewish people’s homes, businesses, and synagogues in 1938  Nazi Germany, now pounce into my thoughts.

Rising Hate

Even as the temperature plunges across the country today, hate is rising and I am chilled to the bone. This national day of hate designation comes as anti-semitic hate has risen to historic levels across the nation.

It is meant to intimidate and spread fear among the Jews. To divide us, but we will remain united.

Ironically tomorrow February 26th  is “National Set a Good Example Day.”

Let’s observe that day by loving and respecting those who are different than us.




  1. The emboldened hatred is startling and troubling. Jews stand united and have the support of a vast, vast majority of Americans who wish these horrid “activists” would just go away, if not criminally charged when appropriate. This hideous stain not withstanding, wishing you a safe Good Sabbath.

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  2. Stay safe, Sally! These knot heads have no shame or restraint.

    I have a lunch group of classmates from the local high school class of 1966. We get together for food and talk once a month. If you do the math, you can determine we are in the 74-75 age group. Yesterday, at our monthly lunch, we talked about how we were glad we were old because the direction the country was going, we could hope to be dead before it came to some conclusion. We agreed we are sad about such things that you talk about here and the lack of will of our leaders to address our nation’s problems. We are sad for the children coming up in this mess. We are sad that many of our friends are MAGA fanatics.

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  3. It is very true jews not only controlling America but many countries in the world… I now understand why Adolf hilter have so much hate for them..


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