Sheriff Ron DeSantis Saves Disney’s Flawed Kingdom

Magic Kingdom De Santis in Mickey Mouse Ears

Governor De Santis declared war in 2022 when Disney denounced his “Don’t Say Gay” legislation.

Watch your back Mickey, Disney World has a new Sheriff in town.

And he’s gunning’ for all you gays and trans out there determined to brainwash our children.

It’s about damn time.

We all know that Disney has long been trying to inculcate America’s impressionable youth with a pro-LBGTQ anti-family agenda.

There’ll be no child-predatory, left-leaning indoctrination in the Magic Kingdom on Sheriff DeSantis’ watch.

Chip and Dale

Known pedophile Donald Duck had better get a pair of pants pronto or risk being jailed for indecency and lewd behavior involving underage children.

With rumors of homosexuality swirling around Goofy, the turtleneck-loving dog would be wise to follow those two not-so-closeted chipmunks Chip and Dale who quickly took to Tinder to find themselves suitable girlfriends in order to cover up their abnormal lifestyle.

Goofy’s perverted past may be coming back to haunt him.

Though often seen squiring around Clarabelle Cow, this bovine may be more of a beard for Mickeys Mouse’s BFF.

Evidence shows Goofy kissed a man…and he liked it. Gawrsh!

Since the goal of the Disney-endorsed LGBTQ movement is to defeat our marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of promiscuity, no clearer example of this indoctrination can be found than in Goofy’s sordid story.

Goofy’s marital status is, well, just plain queer.

What happened to Mrs. Goofy? And why weren’t we ever able to see her face? From the1953 animated short “Father’s Day Off”

Long portrayed as a bachelor father, the cartoon dog was in fact a wholesome family man with a son who was married to Mrs. Geef Goofy in the 1950s.  Oddly the character was always drawn with her back to the camera and never shown.

More peculiar was her unexplained disappearance. By 1960 Goofy’s wife never appeared again.


The only explanation for the absence of Goofy’s wife can be found in a revealing animated short from 1953 entitled Fathers Day in which Goofy takes the day off from the office to help with the housework while his wife is away. At one point, Goofy answers the door, and the milkman hands Goofy two bottles of milk and plants a wet kiss squarely on Goofy’s mouth.

He isn’t repelled.

The implication is that the milkman kissed Goofy because he expected Goofy’s wife to answer the door, as she typically would have when Goofy was working in the office.

Was Mrs. Goofy having a very un-family-friendly, sordid affair?

Or was the milkman Goofy’s secret same-sex lover, a secret his wife was about to reveal?  Was that motive enough for Goofy to kill the Missus to make sure this secret would die with her?

Maybe Goofy was not so dim-witted.

The Sheriff has his hand full if he wants to reopen a decades-old murder mystery with a hidden gay agenda.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Do you see Minnie in a dress or do you see Mickey holding a penis? Gift card 2015

The sheriff also has his eye on Minnie Mouse who has already lawyered up. If she’s not careful there will be a warrant out for conspiracy to corrupt minors.

It will be a lot more than just the fashion police chasing her down, as they did last year when she wore a designer pantsuit designed to destroy the fabric of our society.

Don’t let that innocent polka-dotted bow fool you. Minnie Mouse is sinister

Not as sinister as the scheming illustrators at Disney.

Disney has a long history of intentionally placing inappropriate images and language in their children’s cartoons. Let’s not forget the penis seen clear as a bell on the cover art for “Little Mermaid” or the priest with an erection spotted in the same cartoon.

The degenerate design team at Disney seem to have dicks on their mind.

Mickey Minnie Mouse

The illustration concocted by the pedophiles at Disney, shows Mickey hugging his companion Minnie who is sporting a blue dress with her arm around Mickey’s shoulder, But those with an eagle eye saw what was really being portrayed- Mickey holding a penis. The outrage spilled over into social media in 2022

In keeping with their lewd behavior, in one drawing they cleverly hid a penis in plain site in the shape of Minnie’s dress.

But there was more.  Mickey was holding the male genitalia. Grinning.

In the illustration used for a gift card in 2015,  Minnie foregoes her signature polka-dotted frock and is wearing a blue puffed-sleeve dress,  but true God Loving Christians know it looks exactly like a penis, one that Mickey is happy to hold. This design was not a coincidence.

This was no mere penis – it was an LGBTQ conspiracy. It is clear what they are trying to do.

Don’t Drink the water. DeSantis’ appointee to the new oversight board in control of Disneys tax district called homosexuality “evil” last year and believes that tap water could be making more people gay.

With Sheriff De Santis laying down the law, Disney World is about to get De-Woke.

After the mind-boggling banning of using “Boys and Girls” in park greetings, truth-abiding folks can expect a return to the good old days when girls were girls and men were men, which was all the gender inclusion one needed.

Cheerful greeters will once again be allowed to say to visitors with great pride “Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls.”

Pride will once again be restored to Disney World. Just not Gay Pride.


Copyright (©) 2023 Sally Edelstein All Rights Reserved




  1. Ha ha ha ha ha … you are a national treasure! Well said!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your generous remark and glad you enjoyed it, I kind of chuckled myself through writing this. Im just waiting for a comment from a right winger who stumbles upon this and takes it seriously.


  2. I guess we’d better learn the DeSantis salute if this fascist makes it to national office….

    Liked by 1 person

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