Donald Trump Boogies Down

Donald Trump CPAC

Trump is well known to shake his own groove thing dancing to the tunes. His latest hit -“Do the Retribution”

For the woke crowd, Donald Trump may be the boogie man, but to his rabid supporters, he’s the Grand Master of Boogie. At rallies and events, he is their Pied Piper spinning the music as much as the truth, as they boogie down to disco from that distant time when America was great.

So it was no surprise that he played his standard fare at the recent CPAC event.

The only surprise is that I actually watched the event live on Saturday night. As the first chord of Laura Branigan’s  1982 hit “Gloria” blared over the loudspeakers in the half-empty ballroom, the conservative crowd of foxy mamas leaped from their seats to get their groove on as MAGA men in red hats cosplaying as humans with a heart,  boogied the night away in, at the Maryland Convention center.

Like clockwork, I knew it wouldn’t be long before macho, macho, man Donnie boy would be spinning the Village People’s “YMCA” sending those Maga-ites into a lathered frenzy of fist-pumping anticipation for the juicy red meat Trump would be dishing out any moment.

They were getting down with The Donald, to his latest hit “Do the Retribution.”

Let’s Get Jiggy With Donald

If this 2024 presidential run thing doesn’t pan out, Trump had a promising career in the music biz as a DJ.

Apparently, Mara Lago turns into Funky Town anytime DJ Donnie spins some platters at his private Palm Beach club. Making dance floors great again, the stone foxes at funky town apparently can’t get enough.

“Would you believe it? I love music. I have an aptitude for music,” Trump insisted during a March 2022 appearance on the Nelk Boys “Full Send” podcast. “I’ve always had a high aptitude for music, but I like great music.”

“Do you actually spin?” the host asked him.

“I don’t spin but I pick. I pick the ones I like.”

“You know what gets them rocking? ‘YMCA’,” Trump said referring to the 1978 disco classic.

That he has chosen this particular song as his own personal anthem has long been head-scratching.

The disco anthem about cruising for same-sex action at a local gym is firmly embedded at MAGA rallies packed with homophobic members of suburban Evangelical churches.  Ironically the Moral Majority led by Jerry Falwell in 1979 framed the Village People as part of a “gay agenda” that sought to both re-shape and weaken America.

Along with “Gloria” it’s his go-to song whether DJing at parties, rallies, appearances, or hosting insurrections.

He used the song to showcase his newly recovered vitality after his bout with COVID and it was along with “Gloria” Trump’s final theme music, as he departed the White House for the last time.

Yet for a DJ with a professed aptitude for music, Trump’s picks are woefully limited. There are so many other groovy disco hits he could draw from that are more appropriate than either of his choices.

Certainly Gloria Gaynor’s 1975 hit “Never Can Say Goodbye,” is a perfect fit for any 2024 Presidential campaign.  Sadly it was a lost opportunity for the “Stop the Steal” stolen election rally.

And why is there no airplay of 1979’s  “Ain’t No Stopping us Now?”  at his rallies. The lyrics work a lot better than those about cruising for sex at the local YMCA

Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now!

We’re on the move!

We’ve got the groove!

Theres been so many things that held us down.

But now it looks like things are finally comin’ around.

For a man with a boatload of legal worries, and multiple criminal investigations he seems to have dodged, the Bee Gees  “Stayin Alive” is a more apt anthem.

Do it, Do it, Do it Do the hustle!

But truly the one disco song that is the most obvious choice, is one that topped the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot Singles charts simultaneously in 1975, causing a dance craze and a cultural phenomenon.

Van McCoy’s “The Hustle”

The disco-loving con man gives new meaning to the song “Do the Hustle!’

As a dancer, Trump is well known to shake his own groove thing dancing to the tunes, as he clenches his fists, bops his head, lurching from side to side while jerking his body.

There’s no dancing around the fact, Trump is the ultimate hustler.


Copyright (©) 2023 Sally Edelstein All Rights Reserved



  1. The guy is weird as shit when it comes down to it.


  2. Pierre Lagacé

    Disco music will never be the same…


  3. Pierre Lagacé

    I had used disco music songs in my English as a second language class in the seventies.


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