Trump’s Arresting Development

Donald Trump's post on Truth Social March 18, 2023

Donald Trump’s post on Truth Social March 18, 2023

In an arresting development, a deranged inmate at the Mara-Lago Home For the Feeble Minded in West Palm Beach, Florida has taken to social media early this morning to incite violence with his maniacal rants.

Addressing his imagined legions of adoring followers he is making another call for arms in the name of patriotism to right the wrong he feels is being perpetrated upon not only him, but all good Americans.

Storming the Capitol on January 6 2021, after being incited by Trumps call to action

This is not the first time this scheming, self-described “Stable Genius” who suffers from serious delusions of grandeur and a disturbing Mussolini complex, has cried foul play putting his equally delusional groupies in a high state of alert and call to action.

A  danger to himself and to others his iPhone has subsequently been confiscated by the medical staff and the inmate has been sedated.

Extremely wily, this may not be the last we hear from him. In anticipation, a tech team was called in and at the very least his capacity to type in all caps has been disabled.



  1. Geez! When he finally is indicted, it will be so anticlimactic I won’t remember to celebrate. I don’t wish anyone dead but won’t that day for Donald John Trump be a relief for America? Of course, it will take years for the judicial processes against all his misguided followers involved in the Trumpian riots and insurrections to be processed, not to forget all the lawyers he’s corrupted.

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    • Judging by the comments of his followers, he is transitioning into this wronged Christ-like figure. I doubt he will ever see jail time, but the indictment will cause such a powerful right-wing reaction. We are already seeing that in Congress with McCarthy’s remarks.


  2. I hope Trump gets arrested.
    I hope these violent pro-Trump “protesters” get arrested too!

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