Queens Man Indicted

New Yorkers have always soundly rejected Donald Trump

Where better to begin the downfall of Donald Trump than in New York City?

The Big Apple has long known their spurious son is rotten to the core.

It is perfect karma that the beginning of his end was dished out yesterday by the city that knows him best and despises him the most.

hand cut collage Sally Edelstein

One of the first collages I created was back in 1994 was entitled “NYC on the Brink Election 1994” which if we look carefully shows a falling Trump. It feels right for today. Hand Cut Collage by Sally Edelstein

Trump was never a hometown hero and New Yorkers dismissed this vulgarian grifter long before American voters did, wise to this native Queen’s interloper who crossed the bridge to build his brand.

To outsiders, the Donald may have seemed like a quintessential New Yorker but he is in reality a non-New Yorker’s idea of a New Yorker.

A cocksure wheel dealer, his life was a cartoon version of a wealthy Manhattanite with an over-the-top gaudy apartment on Fifth Avenue,  gallivanting with models, and schmoozing with the rich and famous and powerful.

In reality, the brash, loudmouth from an outer borough was never accepted by the city’s elite. An anomaly, he did not fit into any New York cultural geography. In a tribal city, he had no real tribe.


In late 1999 Donald Trump spent time and money exploring the absurd notion that a shady real estate developer could win the presidency. It smelled like an opportunity- at least for publicity if not power. The N.Y. papers were not having it. Daily News Oct.31, 1999

But the Trump brand of chutzpah and hubris sold newspapers.

Lots of ‘em.

The tabloids love anything Trump.  Even if they often had little respect for him.

New York City tabloids created Trump, and magnified his wealth and cheap exploits giving him credibility and what he craved the most, celebrity.

The Trumps Divorce and Donald’s romance with Marla Maples were tabloid fodder in 1990.


N.Y. Post April 1990


Vintage newspaper Trump

Contemplating a presidential run in 1999 on the Reform party Trump wanted Oprah Winfrey as his VP pick. N.Y. Daily News Oct. 8,1999

The tabloids couldn’t get enough of Trump’s Theatrics.

For a con man with a bloated ego, all the press was pure catnip. They covered his wealth, his romances, his divorces, and his many exploits at Le Club, a private night spot whose whole point was to be noticed as powerful and beautiful and be photographed alongside a celebrity thus becoming one yourself.

Where is My Roy Cohen?

Roy Cohn and Donald Trump at Le Club, NYC Photo Sonia Moskowitz

It was at Le Club that his relationship with attorney Roy Cohen was forged. In 1973 a brash young would-be developer from Queens met one of New York’s premier power brokers Roy Cohn. Trump propelled himself into the city’s power circles and learned many of Cohn’s dirty unscrupulous tactics that would lead him to the White House.

He could use Roy Cohn today.

UnPresidented Charges

NY Post March 31, 2023, Trump Indicted for paying off Stormy Daniels

On Thursday, March 30 the same forces that turned Trump into a mix of caricature and fame resulted in him being the first ex-president in the history of the United States to be charged with a crime.

And it is that combination of chutzpah and hubris that might that could lead him to jail.


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  1. Sally, well said, “chutzpah and hubris” are causes for many a fall in history. There are two other factors that aid and abet the former president’s demise – well-documented untruthfulness and well-documented thriftiness using other sources of money to pay off his poor personal decision-making. The latter is what got him trouble when he used $1.6 million of his Foundation’s money for personal use and a judge ordered him to repay the Foundation before it was disbanded and monies distributed to charity. In other words, he used donated money for his own gain. Keith

    Liked by 3 people

    • And I’m sure you know he is busy with his hand out for his supporters to dish out money to help his legal defense now. Lindsey Graham even shamelessly asked for people to donate offering trumps website. S

      Liked by 2 people

      • Sally, ever since Senator John McCain died, Lindsey Graham has just gone off the deep end in support of the former president. It is sad. He was never a constant even when McCain was alive, but McCain had a way of reining in Graham when he strayed. As for Trump, he has a history of using other people’s money to do his bidding. In fact, that is how he made his living, lending his name for money, while others took the risk. Keith


  2. I could not have said this better, thank you!

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