Merry Arrestmas and Treason’s Greetings

Will Donald Trump be wrapped up in a bow for Arrestmas tomorrow?

“Twas the night before Arrestmas and all through the country…

With spirits buoyed, folks are greeting one another with a new bounce in their step not seen since 2016. Whether it’s a joyful “Merry Arrestmas Eve” or a gleeful “Happy Lock Him Up Day!”  a festive feeling for tomorrow is in the air. Arrestmas has been trending all day on Twitter.

But while others will be celebrating Arrestmas, this Jew would prefer Arrestukkah, eight  full days of arrests across multiple jurisdictions.

Now that’s what I call a cell-ebration!


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  1. LOL! Let there be a Santa today! I want my wish-gift of a “Happy Lock Him Up Day!”. Finally!


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