March Madness

The disconnect with protecting our children is maddening.

I am mad.

We are living in a never-ending march of madness worthy of Alice in Wonderland.

It is maddening.

In March alone-

While school shootings continue and nine-year-old children are killed, our legislatures are busy at work protecting the children:

Books are being banned.

Classical works of art are now pornography.

American history is being whitewashed.

Drag shows deemed dangerous are outlawed.

When Don’t Say Gay, Say Guns is a state policy we know we are in big trouble.

Again there will be marches against gun violence.

Again there will be silence.

“There’s nothing we can do,” our legislators lament.

The answer is as easy as ABC.

But in this maddening world,  the only letters they can see are NRA.




  1. Sally only moments ago someone began arguing with me that the swastika was a symbol of good. I had posted a link asking my country, Canada, to remove the two Nazi memorials in here. The person, from Maryland, USA, did not see the difference between an ancient Hindu swastika and the one used by Hitler. We have a lot of work to do.

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    • Thats just tragic. It’s also tragic that the Nazis appropriated what had once been an ancient religious and cultural symbol. However, it is so deeply associated with the Nazis and all the horror and hate it symbolizes that the sight of it is now unquestionably offensive,and should veer be displayed.

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