Save the Children

As I bask in the joy of the warm birthday wishes I received yesterday, grateful to have made it to 68, I can’t help but think of those 3 children who will never celebrate a birthday again.

I am more than at ease with 68.

I Won’t Grow Up

The only age I had trouble turning was when I turned 10. As a nine-year-old I freaked out. Suddenly I was going to be in double digits and I knew there was no turning back.   In fact, Peter Pan’s song I Won’t Grow Up could well have been my theme song.

But in early March 1965 I never once considered that I would not make it to 10.  Or that I would lose my life in a schoolroom.

Those 3 little nine-year-olds gunned down will never know what it is like to turn 10.

Or 20.

Or 50.

While I am filled with gratitude for reaching this age, my heart aches for those children whose lives were cruelly stolen from them.

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    The prayer of Senate Chaplain Barry Black went right over their heads.


  2. tripichick

    nor will they know the terrible pain of whelping defective kids whose medical bills bankrupt a young marriage,. most American kids grow up fat, scientifically illiterate and pugnaciously protective of their right to spew their germs where they please. kill them all and let your god sort it out.


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