Jesus, Donald Trump is Not Christ!


Trump and Jesus

MAGA die-hards somehow still seem convinced that the “J” in Donald J. Trump stands for “Jesus.”

In a miracle worthy of Jesus, Trump continues to mesmerize his devoted flock who delusionally believe their only path towards salvation is through this bogus billionaire. These strict adherents to the Gospel according to Trump, will follow him faithfully in his battles of winners and losers, certain they are on the side of right.

Donald Trump Supporter hugs Trump

Donald Trump called Micki Larson-Olson, a QAnon supporter who served prison time for her actions during the January 6 Capitol attack and wants former Vice President Mike Pence executed for treason, “terrific.” Photo Jabin Botsford Washington Post

Last week, after being embraced by Donald Trump at a campaign meet and greet in a New Hampshire diner, a smitten  QAnon supporter Micki Larson-Olson, gushed:

If I were to imagine what it would be like to hug Jesus Christ — not that I’m saying President Trump is Jesus Christ — but, just, you know, if I was to imagine what it would be like to hug Jesus Christ, that’s what it felt like for me. It was so personal and intimate.

In a complete reversal of Jesus but no less miraculous, he has taken those with perfectly fine vision and turned them blind.

While most Christians are deeply offended at the comparison of Jesus with a businessman, 100 years ago the notion of Christ as a “manly, super-successful businessman”  swept the nation.

Trump might like to think he is the greatest marketing genius of all time, but that moniker goes to Jesus Christ.

Yup, Jesus was once sold to the American people as a crackerjack executive, and salesman skilled at branding.

Kinda like Trump.

The Selling Of Jesus the  Businessman

Jesus as Businessman

In 1925, ad man Bruce Barton reconfigured Jesus for the Roaring Twenties in one of the great best-sellers of the century.

In The Man Nobody Knows, Barton depicted Christ as a man’s man, not the meek, effeminate figure he had encountered in Sunday School. He urged readers to dismiss the image of the long-haired, “sissified” figure who gazed woefully from Victorian lithographs.

Barton’s Jesus was a muscular “outdoorsman” and a “sociable” fellow in demand at Jerusalem’s best banquet tables. “The most popular dinner guest in Jerusalem.” Nobody was more popular than Jesus.

Barton the original Mad Man who founded the legendary advertising firm of Batten, Barton, Durstine, and Osborne,  recast Jesus as the world’s first advertising man, whose parables sparkled as models for modern jingle writers.


Here was Christ, the world’s greatest business executive.

More to the point, he was a masterly entrepreneur. Hadn’t this humble carpenter “picked up 12 men from the bottom ranks of business and forged them into an organization that conquered the world”?

Jesus,  Barton said, “recognized the basic principle that all good advertising is news.” He was, Barton concluded “the founder of modern business.”

Bartons’ book showed how committed Americans were to market capitalism and the culture of affluence.

Very Trumpian-like characteristics.

From his religious father, Barton had learned that a “preacher is really a salesman.” The son simply reversed the nouns.

Donald Trump

Ego-centric Trump is nothing if not a great salesman, even if what he is selling is pure grift.

While Jesus could turn water into wine, Trump has his followers believing his claim that everything he touches turns to gold. Tragically  MAGA supporters are blind to see that his gold is always tarnished.

If they follow him to walk on water, they are sure to drown.




  1. Sally, it is highly offensive and beyond the pale to suggest that Donald J. Trump is akin to Jesus. Based on my reading of the bible, Jesus tried not to lie, bully, denigrate, name call, and sexually assault women, as the former president has done and allegedly done. And, while the former president is a terrific salesperson per financial reporters, these same reporters would not tout him as a good manager and would say he has made more than a few poor business decisions. Keith

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    • As his multiple bankruptcys attest to ,he’s a terrible businessman, but as a snake oil salesman, he is skilled.


      • Sally, the six bankruptcies are one thing, but the several failed businesses add the icing on the cake. This real estate tycoon started a mortgage company in the middle of the housing crisis recession and was surprised when it failed. Of all things, he should have known not to do this at that time. As for sales, he convinced everyone that he started only with a $1 million loan from his father, when it is reported by The New York Times, his father transferred $400 plus million in money and services to his son tax free before he died. Keith

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  2. Looking at Jesus politically he would be a social worker helping among the least wealthy in dollar value. People would say: “Look at the good-for-nothing socialist. He will never get anywhere in His life”. Sally thank you for cheering me up this morning.

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