Donald Trump Has No Defense.  

Trump may finally have something to worry about. Illustration: Zohar Lazar

Donald Trump has no defense.

His lawyer Joe Tacopina is not putting on a defense case in the E. Jean Carroll Rape Case. There is no one coming to Trump’s defense- no witness to speak on his behalf.

Zero. Zilch.

Donald is now exactly how he always presents himself in the court of public opinion  – defense-less.

A man consumed with power and control he is often very defensive perceiving anyone confronting him or holding him accountable as a threat.

Donald Trump

The disgraced businessman likes nothing better than casting himself in the role of the defenseless victim against an onslaught of unjustified witch hunts.  Whether by deceitful democrats or wily women, he is always wrongly accused and unfairly attacked.

Boo hoo.

He also goes on the offensive, when he is attacked for his own offensive behavior.  Jurors heard Trump blast a woman who accused him of rape as a “nut job” and “mentally sick” in a video recording from a deposition in October that was shown Thursday during the E. Jean Carrol trial.

Now he is about to pay for his offense.

Trump never had a defense.

It just goes to show what we’ve known all along. Trump’s behavior is indefensible.

Video of Trumps Deposition


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  1. Sally, I would love to see him in court. He does not do very well in front of judges, attorneys and jurors. Something about his inability to speak many truths. An attorney once said he made Donald Trump change over 30 statements in a deposition to avoid committing perjury. One deposition – over 30 lies. Keith

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  2. The Trump deposition tape is an atomic bomb. Shall we dub it Fat Man or Little Boy?

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  3. michael kingsley

    Trump will be the next president. Trump haters can go to hell !!!!!


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