There is Nothing Funny About Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Kaitlan Collins CNN Town Hall in New Hampshire

I will never forget the sound of Americans laughing at a Town Hall in New Hampshire

When Trump mocked E. Jean Carroll mercilessly, they laughed.

When he called the woman who just won a defamation suit against him a “whack job” they exploded in laughter and cheered.

Folks who could be our next-door neighbor snickered in agreement when he referred to the sexual assault act as “hanky panky”. The same act a jury found him liable for just a day before.

When in a regurgitation of 2016 he called the CNN anchor  Kaitlan Collins a “Nasty Person” they weren’t sickened. They applauded and chuckled in agreement.

I did not chortle, or chuckle Not even a guffaw.  I howled but in disbelief and horror.

They did not laugh because he was a clown or a buffoon. They did not laugh because everything that came out of him was a ridiculous lie.

They laughed in agreement and in support.

They drank heavily, lapping up everything that came out of this spigot of misinformation.

These are my fellow Americans. I do not recognize them.

I do not recognize my country.

And there is nothing funny about that.


E Jean Carroll May Sue Trump Again For Defamation After CNN Town Hall





  1. Sally, CNN has likely recognized way too late, that you cannot placate or control Donald Trump. It took $1 billion plus and counting in penance for Fox News to realize when you fly too close to the Trump sun, your reputation (and pocketbook) will get burned. CNN felt they could squeeze off some disgruntled Fox viewers and sold their soul to the devil.

    This Town Hall did not look like America. As The Guardian noted, he lied and lied and lied. People that cheered for his denigration of Jean Carroll are not paying attention. The former president’s own words were enough to convict this confessed sexual assaulter. Not only are the Access Hollywood tapes indicting, but so is his “Beavis and Butthead-like” footage of interviews with Howard Stern. If that were not enough, his latest deposition for the Carroll trial reveals what a sexual assaulter looks like.

    She was not his type he says. Well, my guess is a person who assaults a woman is not hers either. People that cheered his sophomoric remarks or who indicted the legal system for doing its job, when so many Senators and Congresspeople would not, should think long and hard. Is this the person you want to throw your reputation away on?


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    • It was a Town Hall in name only, a pep rally for Trump pure and simple. CNN got played or else they didn’t care and are so desperate to draw in Fox viewers. Either way, it was despicable. I rarely watch CNN and will not be returning to them soon again.


  2. Ellie Berner

    I’ve seen these people over the years. I’ve seen their jeering faces as the Little Rock Nine tried to integrate Central High. I’ve seen them mocking the disabled, harassing women going to Planned ParenthoodT, bullying the “other”…Though it is laughter and applause they use to support that sour man, it comes from the same unhappy place.

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    • You are absolutely right. They have always been among us and now this place of fear and hate is amplified and given a public platform. I’ve often thought if Twitter, social media, and 24/7 news was around during the Little Rock Nine how it might have been perceived. The fear of the “other” has always been a part of our culture, we have never had someone with the platform of a Trump to fan the hate.


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