Under the Weather- How About A Smoke?

Vintage Cigarette Ad Spud 1943

What a Drag

Under the weather? Try a smooth smoke.

Why let a pesky head cold, sore throat or cough  get in the way of enjoying a cigarette or two?

Folks back during the 1940s had the right idea. With no annoying restrictions on when, where or how often you could smoke, why your health get in the way of your enjoyment?

WWII was a stressful time taking its toll on you emotionally and physically. While the boys overseas could count on Camels to quiet their war jangled nerves, folks back on the home front happily turned to “SPUD” cigarettes to fill the bill when they were rundown.

“There are times”, this 1943 ad informs the reader, “when Spuds are simply the one answer when nothing else will do,”to help with whatever ails you.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Take the case of Mitzi Hansen.

Between her job at the GE defense plant, and her volunteer work at the Red Cross and local Canteen, she was plain worn down.

The Old Switcheroo

Vintage Cigarette Ad 1943 illustration woman smoking

A good old-fashioned cold was making the rounds at the defense plant where Mitzi worked. Between the long hours and the crowded conditions it wasn’t long before she caught the worse case of sniffles.

But why let a head cold keep you from the enjoyment of smoking.

Smart cookie, Mitzi makes sure to switch to Spuds any time she catches a cold. “Of course I switch to Spuds when I have a cold” Mitzi explains. “That clear, cool menthol seems to cut right through my cold-clogged taste, and bring back old-time smoking pleasure!”

Vintage Cigarette Ad 1943 illustration

Whenever Mitzi’s throat is dry or over strained from singing at the local USO show, Mitzi doesn’t reach for a lozenge silly. Common sense tells you a smooth cigarette is just the ticket for that cool refreshment only a good smoke will cure.

“When my throat feels dry or over strained, a Spud is just what I want! Says Mitzi. “There’s a feeling of cool. Soothing refreshment that only Spuds gentle touch of menthol imparts.”

Don’t Let Smokers Hack Rob You of Romance

Vintage Cigarette Ad 1943 illustration

Mitzi had a big date for the dance and wouldn’t you know she developed a good case of smokers cough. Uh oh, sounds like it could put the kibosh on romance .

But smart Mitzi never lets a smokers cough get in the way of real smoking pleasure… or romance. Whenever she can’t get rid of that annoying smokers cough she simply switches to Spuds. “They  seem to be the only cigarette I want when I have a cough.”

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