Trouble Brewing At Starbucks

vintage men and guns illustration and starbucks logo

Firearms and Frappuccino

Coffee Talk

While sipping my early morning non fat caffe mocha-hold the whip, at my local Starbucks, my ears perked up at an argument between the barista and some customers.

“Sorry guy, no guns with that grande!”

“Excuse me lady with the mocha latte, leave your Luger at home.”

“For the last time, no firearms with your Frappuccino!”

What’s going on? Was trouble brewing at Starbucks? Wake up folks, and smell the gunpowder! Firearms are no longer welcome at your local Starbucks.

It now seems the popular coffee shop is brewing up controversy along with its caramel macchiatos.

If there’s one thing Americans love more than their guns, it’s a piping hot cup of coffee, and none offers the convenience or the kick of a cup of Starbucks.

But now the ubiquitous coffee shop has politely asked their gun carrying customers to leave their heat at home.

men shooting guns and man and coffee

(L) Vintage ad Orlon shirts 1958 (R) Vintage Coffee Ad Nescafe 1955

What’s a coffee-lovin, firearm-totin patriotic-American to do?

It would appear as if Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz had the NRA in his sights when he pulled the welcome mat right out from under them.

Relax, that convenient morning cup of Joe needn’t grind to a halt.

Before gun advocates go off  half cocked, recoiling at the possible  infringement of their second amendment rights,Schultz stopped short of an outright ban walking a fine line in this decisive issue.

In light of the tragic rise in mass shootings, many Americans on the other side of the gun debate feel Starbucks  hasn’t gone far enough, unlike Whole Foods and Peets Coffee and Tea who have actual bans.

It’s a start, Starbucks- better latte than never.

© Sally Edelstein and Envisioning The American Dream, 2013.

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