Republicans Need a Time Out

political party symbols, naughty child and maid

Americans are saying that the GOP are acting like spoiled children on the budget debate. (L) Vintage photo from Ivory Soap ad 1934 (R) Contentious parties illustration from “Newsbook A Report in Depth of Elections 1964” Dow Jones &Co. 1964

Nobody likes a spoiled child.

He is unhappy and unsure of himself. He needs help in changing his ways, in growing up.

A quick consult with “Your Child and You –A Guide for Solving Childhood Problems” confirms what most Americans are saying. The Republicans are acting like spoiled children, and pre-schooler at that.

vintage childcare book John Boehner

Poster Boy for Republican Spoiled Child House Speaker John A. Boehner
( L) Your Child and You-A Guide for Solving Childhood Problems by Sidonie Gruenberg 1950 (

The author of this 1950 book Sidonie Gruenberg, “one of the worlds foremost authorities on children and their care” offered insight and expert help in understanding this “problem child” we are all dealing with.

“Mothers and Fathers” the  book explains “often express concern around the time their child reaches the advance age of 3, about how “bad” she or he is. “Ted is so selfish-he never wants to share” “John attacks any child who crosses him- is he going to grow up to be a bully?”  “I overheard Michelle telling an outright lie today!”

Clearly when it comes to the Republicans, we are dealing with a case of arrested development.

“Parents need not worry,” the book gently comforts anxious parents.  “It is typical of the of the young pre-schooler who has not yet learned the need for give and take and not yet able to make fine distinctions between right and wrong.”

Parents need not worry but citizens need to. The juvenile behavior of that poster boy for Republican spoiled child, House Speaker John Boehner has led us into a damaging and  needless crisis. And we haven’t even gotten to the chapter on anger, quarreling, competition and the problem child.

politics republican spoiled children

A Time out for Republicans after the House Republican’s infantile outbursts this past week over Obamacare and the budget debates (L) Vintage illustration from Childcraft ad 1950 (R) Vintage editorial cartoon Life Magazine 1948

The House Republican’s infantile outbursts this past week over Obamacare and the budget debates led me to learn why children have temper tantruns.

“No matter how reasonable parents are in setting limits and enforcing them during the early years they are bound to meet with contention, refusal, tears, resentment and very likely a temper tantrum.”

“A child throws a tantrum when he is made to feel helpless. Sooner or later every child runs into serious frustrations. Mother keeps him from what he wants to do or she makes him do what he doesn’t want to do. Being more powerful, she wins out. Little Johnnie can do nothing but scream and kick, beat his head on the floor, smash his toys or perhaps pound mother with his fists. The child is in an unthinking rage, and Mother has to do the thinking for both.”

Sound familiar?

Republicans, it’s time for a time out!

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  2. Amen. I’ve reblogged it on my blog. I’ve been trying to come to grips with the insanity of this situation in my blog, but I think you hit it directly on its pointy, little head.

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  3. Exactly what I’ve been thinking, Sally – and just about everyone else in the country has been thinking! What is wrong with these people? Since we are directly affected by this shutdown it’s even scarier and my frustration level is through the roof right now – I plan to blog about this as well, but thanks for expressing what we’re all thinking – well done!

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    • Thanks,Nancy. The situation is pretty distressing and if you read the CNN polls the majority of Americans think the Republicans are acting like spoiled children. To see the GOP party devolve into an unrecognizable faction is also sad. Once upon a time there really were progressive liberal Republicans and it wasn’t an oxymoron. Think of Jacob Javits. In fact I’m doing a post tomorrow on that very subject. I look forward to reading your post

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