Guns, Grief and Children

vintage schoolbook illustration children

Guns, grief and children should never be linked.

Its time to stop the meaningless madness of school shootings and take meaningful action about gun culture in America.

Remembering the innocent lives lost at the all too many tragic school shootings.

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  1. Amen, Sally. How many people have to die senseless deaths by gunshot before EVERYONE says it has to end.


  2. Some call me......Tim

    And how many convicted criminals must be let out of prison early to commit even more atrocities against peaceful citizens? Or for that matter how many more mentally deranged people must be ignored when they wish to kill children at schools, when they were repeatedly putting up red flags that they had a very serious problem in the first place? You fools make me want to vomit!


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  4. When will those calling for gun control accept that guns also save millions of innocent lives yearly. The ad you have is from the 60s, a golden era where there was much less violence and guns were available mail order. Don’t the dreaded AR-15 has been on the US market since 1963 and semiauto firearms since the 19th century with successful guns like the ten or 20 shot C-96 Mauser pistol from 1896.


  5. Make that ” Don’t forget the dreaded AR-15 has been on the US market since 1963″. My fault for not proof reading.


  6. Sten Johanson

    In a lot of ways the liberals are to blame. It is liberal policies that “protect” the confidentiality of those seeking psychiatric services. Innocent people are at risk. Put them in a database! Full mental health reporting along with universal background checks for all gun purchases is a good start. Also liberals need to stop making excuses for criminal behavior – “he had a bad childhood”. Heinous crime = Death penalty – Period! BTW I am an independent free thinker, not a Republican or Democrat


    • sage

      Bull. We had a Schizophrenic neighbor call the police and tell them I was yelling at him. I have never spoken to the man. The police told me the man has guns and to be careful. I asked them why someone like that could have guns and they said it was legal for him to have guns. Why?…..because of the gun nuts and their rights…NOT the liberals!
      A gun INSTRUCTOR gets shot in the head by a 9 year old girl that he is teaching to shoot a machine gun…he didn’t do a very good job did he? Now she will carry that the rest of her life. Why is this country living from fear instead of love? Kids and innocent people are killed every day by idiots with guns. Ignorance is the worst violence.


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