Better Vision For Better Living


vintage ad eye strain illustration people with glasses

How Long Since You Had Your Eyes Examined? Vintage Ad 1940 Soft-Lite Lenses

How much is your world of vision worth to you?

Vision, clear, sharp, sure …no aching, straining eyes sapping your energy, fumbling your work, keeping you constantly tensed up.


vintage ad Better Vision Institute 1951

Care of your eyes is by far, the best of all buys! Vintage advertisement 1951 Better Vision Institute

The Eyes Have It

“There are eyes that grope in a world of blurs and double images…neglected eyes straining to see, plaguing their owners with untold misery.”That was the fate of neglecting your eyes as warned by the The Better Vision Institute in an ad recommending eye care for everyone.

“Then there are eyes that really see! ” the ad copy continues. “They add to the well-being by banishing nervous tension…they give beauty by abolishing ugly wrinkles. All eyes on the job every minute of every waking hour.”

Is there anything you wouldn’t give to have eyes like that?

I sure would.

photo of secretary typing with poor vision vintage ad

Office work is hard on Eyes This ad ran in 1947 as part of a series of advertisements placed by the The Better Vision Institute to promote America’s eye health

Office Work is Hard on Eyes

Mary “White Collar” Johnson’s story from this 1947 Better Vision Institute advertisement  could have been mine:

“She had it once, that bright, keen poised look that radiates charm and personality. But long tiring hours of eye-straining, close-up work -day in and day out-have taken their toll, blurred her vision and wrinkled her brow.”

“Take a memo, Miss White Collar Worker: “It’s smart to be eye-wise; and its part of your job to keep your eyes fit!”

“When you neglect your eyes and allow them to weaken, they impair your working and earning powers; they age you and mar your beauty. Girls who peer, squint and grope though the day- at typing and filing, at notes and figures-soon develop crow’s feet and scowl lines.”

“They get headaches tire easily and are generally “all in” when its time for fun.”

“Don’t you lose out! Have your eyes examined regularly!”


Better Vision For Better Living

vintage illustration of eye exams 1950

Yes, now you know that your visit to your friendly optometrist, or ophthalmologist produced the biggest bargain you ever bought! Vintage illustration from Better Vision Institute 1950 ad

Founded in 1929 the Better Vision Institute  brought together representatives from ophthalmology, optometry and opticianry to promote a business environment to stimulate growth and influence the eye care industry while addressing  Americas Vision health.

In the 1930s The Better Vision Institute even sponsored a radio show ( the perfect medium for those with poor eyesight) called Men of Vision.
Using the play on the word vision the show presented dramatized bios of “men who’ve opened the eyes of the world” through optical discoveries and inventions.

The series that ran from 1934-1937 was sponsored on local radio stations by optometrists ophthalmologists and opticians. It was so popular that the Institute printed booklets to go along with the show

I’ll Be Seeing You


Better Vision Institute ad 1950

A Golden Gateway to living! Vintage Better Vision Institute ad 1950

Whichever way you look at it,  good vision is worth plenty.

So to clear the fog from my own eyes, keep my vision keen and sparkling,  letting me work in tip-top efficiency, I will be having eye surgery today and will be away for the remainder of the week.

Please continue enjoy some favorite posts.

I’ll be seeing you soon!

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  1. Good Luck and I’ll miss your posts!


    • Thanks for the well wishes. In case you missed it, I posted a considerably longer post on Monday, A Girl her Girdle” to make up for a few missing days of posts. Please enjoy some retooled older posts I will be re-posting in this short interval.


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