Better Vision For Better Living Pt II

vintage 1950s  ad illustration little girl wearing glasses

Better Vision for Better Living- Celebrating 125 years of Research Vintage ad American Optical Company 1958

The eyes have it- “Better Vision for Better Living” seems to be my mantra for this summer.

The Road to Health

vintage schoolbook  illustrations children reading 1950s

Vintage school book illustrations from “My First Health Book: The Road to Health” 1951 Laidlaw Brothers Inc.


Despite the fact I diligently heeded my mothers admonitions to sit up straight when I read, making sure there was adequate light and never, no never watched TV in the dark or God forbid sat too close to the set for fear I’d ruin my eyes, my seemingly overprotective yet overworked peepers are now going back to the fix-it shop this week for the first of a round of retina repairs.

I began the summer with eye surgery, and now alas it seems I will end it the same way.

A brief break from blogging, and I’ll be back good as new!

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  1. Best wishes on your surgery. I look forward to your posts, but the brief break will just make them all the more appreciated when you can return!


  2. sarfa2012

    I had a feeling something was up. I was hoping you were busy finishing your upcoming book.
    Good luck with everything!


  3. Thanks! yes I have been busy with my book and lecturing at Fordham, but have had some vision challenges that have hampered me a bit.


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