Santa Claus for a Cause

vintage WWII poster Santa fights the evil Axis

A patriotic Santa comes to the aid of the Allies in this WWII Christmas advertisement for Interwoven Socks .

Just as both sides in a war claim God on their side, so WWII American’s enlisted Santa to help fight their battle.

This 1944 ad for Interwoven Socks should be filed under vintage advertising we are not likely to see ever again in our politically correct culture.

Claus For a Cause

In 1943 while FDR, and Churchill conferred in Casablanca, apparently Uncle Sam was having a hush-hush tete a tete with Santa Claus  in the North Pole, to strategize the war.

Appearing to wield powers far beyond those of mortal men- not unlike another super hero- Santa stomps out the Axis of Evil in one clean swoop of caricatures – Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo.

Clearly this ad should end the current Santa debate – Santa isn’t just white, he’s a red-blooded American!

© Sally Edelstein and Envisioning The American Dream, 2017.

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  1. I enjoy your blog very much, Sally, and am glad I was introduced to it. This post, however, left me a tad uncomfortable. It was your use of the phrase “politically correct culture.” Too often of late,”politically correct” has become a derogatory term, implying that these “overly sensitive subcultures are forcing us (the true Americans) to watch/limit our freedom of speech.” To me, being “politically correct” only means to be sensitive to other cultures and ways of being. Could you say more about your use of the term? I’d be really interested. I’d like to add here that I’m so impressed with your collection of this memorabilia.


    • I am so glad you enjoy my blog and hope you continue to do so. I did not intend the term to be taken in the derogatory way it is often bantered about today at all. It was actually meant as the opposite, that in our more sensitive hopefully enlightened culture we would not dream of using such politically charged caricatures even of our sworn enemies in a mainstream ad.


  2. This is just so cutely written!

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