A Child’s View of Class

Vintage childhood drawing of the class differences 1960s sally Edelstein

Despite Trumps initial declaration that the Tax Bill will cost him and his family “a fortune” the tax scam favors the wealthy and is a death knell for the lower and middle class. Drawing Sally Edelstein Vintage collection 1966

Trump just told the truth: The rich are getting richer

Boasting to his fellow 1 percenters, our Commander in Wealth assured them that the biggest in history tax cut will make them all wealthier. So much for the other 99%.

Wealth Inequality Through a Child’s Eyes

I recently stumbled across some drawings I did as a child that seems oddly relevant to today as the glaring  and growing inequality of wealth and income is one of our most troubling issues.

Even in 1966 as an 11 year old I knew that a Great Society couldn’t be all that great if there was such discrepancy between the haves and have not’s.

Greed Is Good

Vintage childhood drawing of rich 1960s

“Greed is Good” Detail of childhood drawing Sally Edelstein 196

As the wealthy stuffed their faces with foi gras and their pockets with extra cash, President Trump gleefully told his wealthy dinner guests at Mar-a-Lago “you all just got a lot richer” after he signed the GOP Tax scam into law  before he left for his Christmas holiday.

A Merry Christmas to the middle class? Oh Humbug!

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