This is What Democracy Looks Like


Election 2018 Midterm Diversity Women

This is what democracy looks like. This is what America looks like.

Today there is a blue wave and I am tickled pink. Today we witnessed a pink wave and I am no longer blue.

Color me happy.

For today.

election winners 2018 LGBTQ

LGBTQ wins. A rainbow in this blue sky

Yes, there is deep disappointment and even deeper divisions.

But today I celebrate the losses as well as the gains.

I celebrate the loss of the deep despair I have felt for the past two years. And the loss of the chronic gnawing pain that has settled in my soul and head and body.

There are big challenges and road blocks ahead, I know this. It will not be all blue skies ahead.

But I feel hopeful.

Even if just for today.



  1. Chris Chilson

    It was a very bad day in FL. especially for minorities. 😦

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  2. So happy for this, sad about fla,ga, and tx

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  3. Pierre Lagacé

    I am sharing your feeling of hope from afar…

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    • As we speak, there is great concern about the future of the Mueller investigation as Attorney General Sessions “resigned ” under a great deal of pressure from Trump. Some are predicting a Saturday Night Massacre where Trump will fire others in the Justice Dept overseeing Mueller, leaving that investigation vulnerable. Stay tuned. Trump will not go quietly


  4. Stacy Abrams is refusing to concede in GA and is vowing strongly to keep fighting until every last vote is counted. Bravo!


  5. Yes, this is what Democracy looks like! And how does Trump react? He behaves rudely to a CNN reporter today by ‘trying’ to have the microphone ripped out of his hand. So embarrassing! 😦

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