An All American Invasion


 Caravan migrants headed to our Southern Border and Vintage ad 1952 Hilton

It’s a miracle worthy of a Biblical story. Let us pray.

Without even firing a gun, the dangerous invasion of millions from our southern border is no more.

Upon learning our elections are over, thus no longer able to cast an illegal vote, the menacing caravan full of “bad hombres” and vermin have suddenly called it quits. No longer a threat to our safety and our womenfolk, the middle eastern terrorists who joined the caravan have flown back to Saudi Arabia and all points east.  Miraculously the sick have been restored to health, their leprosy cured and the scourge of small pox eradicated.

All that is left are the poor, tired souls, the women and children and families looking for asylum.

The invasion from the caravan is over, Praise Jesus, and there were no fatalities.

But we are being invaded.

From within.

In the last week, dozens of Americans have died from right-wing mass gun violence. By angry, white American men with weapons as powerful as their grudges and hate.  And an instigator and an ally in the White House is nurturing their grudges as hard as he can.

That is the invasion we need to be addressing.

On bended knee, Uncle Sam’s opening line in his prayer from the 1952 ad above, has never resonated more:

“We pray that you save us from ourselves.”

Those are the thoughts and prayers we must be having.






    Hi Bev,

    Bet you are still celebrating Jackie Rosen’s victory!!!!! Thought you might like to read Sally’s blog that came today.

    xoxo Lois


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  2. Pierre Lagacé

    As a grandfather, I am still worried about the fate of the children of immigrants taken from their parents…

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  3. Pierre Lagacé

    About another kind of invasion in the 1800s and early 1900s.

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    • Thanks for sharing. That’s an interesting bit of history I wasn’t aware of. I am quite aware of the roadblocks and fears and prejudices leveled at other Catholic immigrants from Ireland and Italy but as unaware of the Canadian connection.


      • Pierre Lagacé

        Racism is part of human nature. It feeds on the fear of the unknown. It is a potent tool in the hands of the people in power. We just have to ackknowledge this, and try to change our views about immigrants. Racism is by no means a characteristic of Americans, we see it everywhere. And racism is on the rise…

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  4. What is happening globally with racism, demonizing the other and antisemitism is quite alarming

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