My Politics is My Art

sally edelstein collage art

As I’ve been watching the memorial service for RBG with tears for our loss and tears of where we are, there are also feelings of pride. As a woman, a feminist, and a Jew.  It is meaningful to me in a great bit of synchronicity that today I am honored that a piece on me is running in Lilith Magazine, the grande dame of Jewish Feminist Publications.

I hope you will enjoy getting to know a bit more about me.


Collage Artist Sally Edelstein: “My Politics is My Art.”



  1. Please, please, please, everyone read the Lillith profile. You may only think you know Sally. #WonderWoman

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  2. Barbara Shenefield

    so great!!!


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  3. I’ve always cut out the images I used in collages, but these creations were pre-computer and home copier. (That’s my excuse!) What a great idea to create them from photos you’ve made of the originals! The article was interesting and a nice tribute to your contribution to the social record. Thanks for sharing, Sally! I doubt many of your blog followers would see it otherwise.

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  4. Pierre Lagacé

    I have sent the link to my wife, my daughter and my daugther-in-law adding that you are my favorite woman blogger.

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  5. I am so touched by that. And may I say, Pierre, you are my favorite Canadian!


  6. Reblogged this on silverapplequeen and commented:
    Great read! & take a look at the Lilith article, it’s a great read, too!


  7. Lauren Savoie



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