A Fundamental Lie

Trump snake oil salesman

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Fundamentally, Trump is a liar.

Donald Trump’s long-running Ponzi scheme is over. The sleazy snake oil salesman has been caught red-handed.

The New York Times in its scathing piece on Trump’s taxes has pulled back the curtain confirming what we in N.Y. have long known. Donald Trump is a “yuge” imposter. A scam artist knee-deep in debt and deception who played a successful businessman on TV. Electing Gilligans Island’s Thurston Howell III may have been a more authentic choice for president if we were so hungry for a successful millionaire.  And Lovey would have made a damn better FLOTUS than our current phony one.

I find myself at a loss for words how anyone can possibly still support this fraudulent fibber named Trump. The only thing “fake” about the Times news reveal is Donald Trump himself

But these words come to mind.

Imposter. He is dishonest, a cheat, a trickster, and a liar. A sham, a fraud, a fake, a phony, hoaxter.  Swindler, scammer, charlatan, and conman. A fabulist deceiver, perjurer, and falsifier.

Most of all he is a travesty.

Trump can run for president but he can’t hide. He may think all this conning makes him smart. It makes him a criminal. The President may want a life term, but if there’s any justice he’s going to get a life sentence.



  1. Pierre Lagacé

    He could be standing on Fifth Avenue and passing copies of his income tax returns and he would not lose a single vote…

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  2. Pierre Lagacé

    As a footnote… the second wave is coming in Quebec. I should write the Florida Governor about it.

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  3. Sally, an interesting piece from Newsweek called “Anthony Scaramucci Says Report Trump Mocked Conservative Religious Leaders Is ‘True'” noted Scaramucci confirms as true that Trump mocks evangelicals. Here is a quote from the piece by Jason Lemon:

    “The Atlantic reported Tuesday, citing Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen as well as anonymous former aides, that the president has poked fun of evangelical Christians and mocked Republican Senator Mitt Romney’s religion, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints—commonly referred to as Mormons. Shortly after the news broke, Scaramucci, who has become a staunch Trump critic, retweeted it and said it was accurate.”


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  4. I have read similar things and they all ring true, This is not a man who a spiritual/ religious bone in his body, and likely considers them “suckers” and “losers.” Anyone not motivated by money is hard for him to comprehend.

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  5. Unlike the fated Nicolae Ceaușescu and his nasty wife or Mussolini and his mistress, Donald and Melania are unlikely to end up in front of a firing squad or hanging like sides of beef from a gasoline station canopy. I even doubt he is “man” enough to do a Hitler and Eva Braun in the White House basement. Perhaps this coward, his bone spurs (“Which foot was it?”), and his trophy wife will board Air Force One – Oh! don’t forget Barron! – and sneak off to Slovenia or Moscow before the mobs rip them from the White House, thus sparing the USA figuring out how to decently handle a president whose crimes warrant at least tossing him in the high security federal prison in Colorado, USP Florence High Prison. Or that’s just my fantasy ending to this nightmare!


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