National Coffee Day a Day of Jitters.


I’ve got a bad case of the jitters, and its not from too much caffiene.

Although normally a big good -to-the-last-drop kind of coffee addict I am so anxious and jittery about tonight’s debate, I am limiting my coffee intake despite it being National Coffee Day. More than 2 cups and I will jump out of my skin.

Coffee that great American elixir, when anytime is coffee time does not seem to be the beverage of choice today for me.  Like many, I awoke with a gnawing knot of free-floating anxiety in the pit of my stomach, raised up a notch from the normal state of disquiet and nervousness that has hovered around me for the past 4 years.

In a time when nothing is as it should be, when reason and logic have lost their meaning,  I admit to feeling uncertain about the outcome of tonight’s debate.

Clearly, another beverage will be required to make it through it.  The vodka is chilling in the freezer now,

How are others feeling about tonight’s debates?

And for those imbibing, Happy National Coffee Day!



  1. tripichick

    maybe don’t watch the debate if the idea of hearing trump drone on about what a good job he’s doing killing people makes you want to abuse a potent stimulant like coffee.

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  2. Same anxiety. Same vodka plan. Is the vodka tax deductible? Can I hire my daughter as a debate-watching consultant and deduct that? Will it be okay if I don’t pay the guy who repaired my fence and claim it as a business expense deduction (times 10). Can I….

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  3. Pierre Lagacé

    I think I will have my third cup of coffee since I won’t be watching.


  4. Sally, I choose not to watch the incumbent president as I have this thing about being lied to. I would probably run out of digits counting them. So, I will just read the articles about it. I am still trying to figure out how he created an economy that was in its 91st consecutive month of a economic growth when he was sworn in (that was the third longest running economy in our history). But, that does not boggle the mind as much as his grading himself an A+ on the pandemic. With the US having 4% of the global population and 21% of the global COVID-19 deaths (and counting), that seems like “over grading.” Keith

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    • I am watching knowing full well that it will be all lies. In a great move, I encourage you to follow @truth – the handle just scooped up by the Biden team and the DNC. 80k followers in three hours – they’re pushing for 100k by debate time – they’ll be posting fact checks.
      Added bonus: their bio is the classic “With all due respect, that’s a bunch of malarkey.”

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  5. Sally, by now you know it was a performance that was an embarrassment for all decent people who watched, that Trump over-talked on most of Biden’s responses, that Biden came off looking like the only sane person in the asylum. I doubt anyone changed her or his vote based on what was said, but I suspect many changed or solidified their choice on the basis of a performance by Trump more ridiculous than that animal he wears on his head. It was a disgrace. Put me in the column for people who vote for a mute button on Trump’s mic for future debates. I suppose there’d have to be one for Biden’s mic, too, though it wouldn’t be needed. I felt bad for Wallace trying to herd that “debate” through, though he tried to be respectful to a man who respects no one.

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    • Watching this debacle I felt like we were all collectively being traumatized. The next morning I was shell shocked in disbelief at what we all had just witnessed. Though Chris Wallace has been criticized for not controlling the situation, I doubt anyone else would have been able to reign in Trump. Unless they had a syringe of Thorazine.


  6. Two days later I feel as traumatized and shell shocked.


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