Donald Trump’s Recipe For Disaster

Trump insurrection

America just had a heaping helping of Trump’s famous recipe for Chaos a la Donald, cooked to perfection. The acute indigestion that has followed is indescribable.

Trumpism has been simmering on the back burner for years. This dense toxic stew chock full of hate, fear, entitlement, and resentment seasoned heavily with lies and deception has been kept on a low flame since the election.

The recipe calls for the heat being raised slowly in daily increments, the flame getting hotter and higher. Bubbling up in vile gaseous bursts, the rolling bubbles of rage rose up to the surface until yesterday it boiled over in a torrent of scalding fury in the halls of Congress.

Trump’s famous recipe for revenge is not the classic one best served cold, no his is served piping hot, scorching all in its path.

The question remains what else is he cooking up?





  1. Sally, it broke my heart to see how low this outgoing president brought us, but democracy held serve. Yesterday was so over the top it will go down in infamy, but it also will be the day the political career of Donald J. Trump ended. He will retain his supporters and I worry about what could happen, but the many Republican legislators who kept their disdain for him silent to garner votes have jumped ship or are about to. Just last night a several Trump staff resigned at the events of the day. What happened yesterday is on the shoulders of the outgoing president and his sycophants. Keith


    • In a year filled with an abundance of historical “firsts,” the insurrection yesterday was the most startling. But having them return to the Capitol was affirmative and reassuring that democracy will continue just badly bruised. I do fear it ain’t over till it’s over. There is a lot of responsibility shared for this event and I hope the Biden administration acts immediately.


      • Sally, yes anything could happen with this outgoing president as he is that corrupt and deceitful in his behavior. But, more than a few Republicans are definitely jumping his sinking ship. If you get a chance, there is a Washington Post article linked to from my current post. Keith


      • Thanks Keith I will check it out.


  2. Beth Feldman

    “Chaos,” yes, sadly! Love all the images of how this “recipe” happened. Great writing!


  3. Well written! I love the metaphors.


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